Vana-Peetri elurajoon
  • 4km
    Tartu road (Jüri)
  • 5km
    Viljandi road (Luige)
  • 11km
  • 13km
  • 14km
  • 15km
    City centre
  • 15km
  • 15km
    Pärnu road (Saue)

Ringtee Technology Park is located in Rae Rural Municipality at Kurna junction, which was built in 2015, by Tallinn Ring Road that is one of the main roads with the highest traffic density in Estonia. The location is great in terms of logistics, as road connections to different directions in Estonia are excellent and will be even better when Tallinn Ring Road is fully built into a four-lane road.

Access roads to the development area are covered with asphalt, there is street lighting as well as public water supply and sewerage system connections, storm sewers, gas supply and fire water supply. The Technology Park is connected to Nõmme District in Tallinn and residential areas in Kiili Rural Municipality by a light traffic road. There is a public transport stop at a distance of 400 metres. There are several well-known enterprises in the neighbourhood: Hansaplant, Uponor and many others. The Technology Park is located next to the newly built Maxima Logistics Centre that is one of the biggest logistics centres in Estonia. There are some residential areas in the close surroundings, which gives people working at the Technology Park an opportunity to buy themselves living spaces in the same area.

The immovables of the Technology Park are located in Rae Rural Municipality, Kurna Village, in a street called Õlleköögi põik. The name õlleköök (‘brewery’ in English) has a historical background – this street runs from the Technology Park to the brewery of the Kurna Manor, which lies a few hundred metres away and was first mentioned as far back as in the 14th Century. The areas of the immovables on sale range from 4,156 to 8,412 m2. According to the established detailed plan, it is possible to erect up to twelve buildings with a maximum height of 12 m/three storeys. The detailed plan of the Technology Park was prepared taking into account the potential need to construct bigger buildings, which is why it is possible to merge neighbouring immovables to create larger construction areas. The capacities of the constructed utility networks are sufficient for the creation of a larger industry.

We also offer turnkey buildings for sale or lease according to the initial task of the contracting entity.

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